Mike_Bw_profileI have been an artist all my life.  Since about the age of six years, I recall (vaguely) illustrating with pencils, crayons and markers.  Throughout my school years, I was asked to “draw” something for my peers and classmates on a weekly basis.  Fascinated by the world around me, I took every art class I could from third grade through my senior year in high school.  I didn’t realize it then, but I was on my way to becoming an entrepreneur.  I knew I had a desired skill and by the time I was a freshman in high school, I was being commissioned to illustrate people’s denim jeans and jackets, t-shirts and anything else someone thought I could draw on.

It’s these experiences which would shape my understanding of supply and demand however, not even the many business transactions I was exposed to at 14 could prepare me for the various “set backs” of being a professional designer.  Throughout the years as an thriving designer, to the more experienced years as a marketing manager, I have had both great client engagements and those I would wish to forget.  Either way, each consultation and engagement brings its share of interesting conversations, situations and outcomes.  It’s because of these vast amounts of experiences, I believed it was necessary to contribute to the conversations about client to designer engagements by offering the truth behind the “unicorn” a.k.a. the designer, and how clients can become more aware of the actual process of a successful engagement.  Knowing there is a process and offering insight into the mind of a designer, I believe there can be a dispelling and comfort which can come as a result of gaining both understanding and perspective.

IHUC book cover
I Love You Client, Book: Coming Soon in 2018

If you have experienced less-than-desirable experiences as a result of a design/marketing project gone bad, this content is a great resource and toolset for you.  When implemented, practiced and shared, it can not only be liberating to you as the client, it can also be just the thing to help you achieve the success you’re planning for as you grow your business and your brand.

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Michael K. Bigos’ background, experience and technical skill set:

Brand Specialist with Marketing and Creative Strategy experience with the design/development, execution, and management of brand identities and associated marketing strategies/collateral for (B2B, SAS, B2C ) which aid in market awareness, consumer engagement, lead conversion, revenue growth, and brand loyalty
Proven history of cross-functional team leadership and brand development with a committed passion for design-as-a-solution and a positive team-culture approach. Out-of-the-box thinker with detailed study of the internal and external customer experience.
Extensive work experience, having provided various solutions with The Department of Defense and national brands including: Tech Data, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, CACI, Walmart, Ebay, Bloomin Brands, Earnst and Young, and others.
Constantly creative, inspired, eager to explore, and a known mentor, coach and friend.

Areas of expertise:
• Brand Design & Development
• Marketing Collateral Design & Production
• Visual Communications and (Desktop Publishing)
• Direct Sales & Digital Design
• Web/Mobile User Experience & Interface Design
• External & Internal Communications Management
• Annual Budget Development & Management
• Simply fortunate to be able to inspire people!

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