“I Love You Client” is a collection of independently authored resources and insights which are aimed at assisting the novice, thriving and experienced business professional. Here, topics such as “the initial call“, “the consultation“, “contracts” and “things you don’t say to your designer” are featured to provide perspective, insight and understanding when embarking on the client / designer engagement experience.

Michael K. Bigos, (Brand Design & Marketing Consultant, Author)

I am a Designer and as my experience demonstrates to me, there are aspects of these topics far and near which clients have never been “hipped” to when it comes to working with a design firm or a freelance designer. Or, clients have simply been misinformed as to how they should approach their marketing and design projects in general.  Because of these truths, I wanted to offer a professional designer’s perspective surrounding everything from start to finish when business professionals and owners are looking to grow their business and need some type of creative service to do so.

If you have ever entered into a business engagement unsure of whether your hard-earned dollars were going to be utilized adequately; whether you were just taking a “calculated” risk; whether you were risking the success of your business or, not sure if the designer was going to “get it” enough to deliver on a project, You’ve connected to the right place.

We will address all of the above and in the process, enable you the client to become better, more informed and empowered to grow your business successfully.

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